Founded in 2011, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (“HKPSI”) is a charitable non-profit organization (IRD File No. 91/11733). Through research, education and community engagement programs, we strive to bring the knowledge of public space to all walks of life, in order for people of Hong Kong to understand the value of public space.

Our Vision

With a series of carefully planned projects, HKPSI aims to enhance Hong Kong people’s understanding of public space, and therefore encourage them to more effectively use this very valuable asset of the city. We strongly believe that public space can bond communities and encourage social interactions, thus facilitating sustainable development and contributing to a more desirable living environment.


  • Raising Hong Kong people’s awareness of public spaces and their benefits through providing information and a platform for ideas exchange
  • Advancing education on public spaces through contributing to academic studies

Our Work Scope

Public Engagement

Public Engagement

Through various engagement activities such as the Public Space Awards, we aspire to raise Hong Kong people’s awareness of public space.

Symposium / Forum

Symposium / Forum

Through our signature Public Space Symposium and various forums, we hope to engage stakeholders in discussing public space issues.



To showcase the power of public space, we conduct place-making experiments that bring innovative ideas to public spaces.



We regularly collaborate with universities and secondary schools to equip students with basic knowledge of public space.

Our Signature Projects


Hong Kong Public Space Directory
The directory consolidates profiles of both government-managed and privately-owned public spaces, providing a platform for people to search for public spaces in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Public Space Symposium
Hong Kong Public Space Symposium is a regular event that brings together stakeholders from government, private sector, academia and grassroots community to discuss a particular topic relevant to public space. Previous speakers include Secretary for Development, performing artists, urban planning professors and architects etc.


Hong Kong Public Space Awards
The biannual Hong Kong Public Space Awards aims to engage the general public in assessing the quality of public spaces. Through public nominations, public voting and professional evaluation, outstanding public spaces are selected to not only recognize the parties involved, but also inspire people with ideas of how to better public spaces.

Place-making Laboratory

We regularly organize place-making projects in various districts to experiment innovative ideas, which we hope can be brought to Hong Kong and inspire people of how we can create better public spaces.

“Experiencing Public Space” Education Scheme
The annual education scheme aims to let secondary school students experience the power of public space. Through training and mentoring, students are required to initiate projects that raise awareness of public space as part of their learning experience.

School Education Programs
We collaborate with universities, secondary schools and primary schools to organize tailor-made educational programs that provide students with fundamental knowledge of public space. Over 2,000 students have participated in our education programs that range from school lectures to inspection trips.